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'Unlimited Jobs - 365 Days' - November 2020 Employer Discount As  enters it's 3rd month, we have an exclusive discount that we would like to offer you. We would like to offer you a mouth-watering  £1,000 Discount  off our   Unlimited Jobs - 365 Days  package. Meaning you can post an unlimited amount of jobs onto  , for 365 days, for just  £995 +VAT ....
Ever considered a career in social care? With a total of 15 roles available across the Buckinghamshire area in a variety of settings, now is the perfect time to join MacIntyre. MacIntyre is a national charity that supports over 1,200 adults and young people with learning disabilities and/or autism across England and Wales.  What do you need to succeed in our recruitment process? At MacIntyre, we are all about the people we...
  How do you explain a gap in your CV? We’re often asked this question when helping clients to write their CV and right now at Works for Us we are seeing increasingly more clients who have been forced to take an unplanned break in their employment. Of course, there are perfectly acceptable reasons why you may have a gap in your employment history, raising children, caring for family, illness, redundancy or...
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