This company has started as a company for media-related content from animations, music videos and more, now wanting to branch out to the gaming side of things, and LJC STUDIOS is now wanting to host gaming events with small entry fees, with winning payouts we also have a discord server to run our future competitions, however, the bonus with our competition we will have custom stats for players. 

We are also looking to develop more competitions with different games like F1, and Call of Duty, these will be in the future of virtual competitions,

At the moment I am currently using FIFA 20 as a baseline for the competitions, however, we will be moving over to FIFA 21 when established, at the moment we looking to create these competitions for all competitors who are new and base certain regulations to make these competitions enjoyable and very close and interesting, we will tweak certain players if they are very good/dominant and we can downgrade them to create an enjoyable game for both players, we need to think about the players who entered as that will join, if teams are overpowered with the best players then who will enjoy the experience which they place money to be in for, likewise players like a close game, thought than a boring game, being dominated every week.

We base everyone skills levels on their first games to know if they needed to be a tweak, so players can enjoy playing in the tournament.

I will fill in if there is one place short, but will not take the winnings if the runners up give me a good game and do not give up and they will receive the winnings for the tournament, I am doing a trial run which is free to enter on the discord server, which is a tester, to start with we will be hosting this competition on Xbox, and also if you have twitch, you can stream it on there but I will be downloading it on the youtube channel, if you have an Elgato then you can then stream on youtube which will be the main Channel for these competitions. Any earnings which I make from these events will get put towards a fund for an event studio, so which I can host many events at, with some sponsors to attend these events.

If I get an esports sponsorship/partnership and if any wins the competition they can a free entry into the esports competition, to become an elite pro gamer, we are looking to use these competitions for you guys to get noticed from any esports teams, or being a solo competitor. This is what I hope to happen, or get a KFC sponsorship, so people can win a KFC black card.

We as a studio will take on your feedback to improve each event, as we focus our development of your playing capabilities to be the most enjoyable experience.

To be able to start our FIFA 20 FUT TOURNAMENT we need 28 more players to start that side, but we will do a trial run which will be free to enter, to get feedback, on it.

For us to start a league base as well we need 2 more players, and we can do a trial I will fill in these competitions if one place needed is not filled. 

Here are some links to Discord, YouTube and Twitch




The streaming links will be posted on discord?