Snap Finance UK

Snap Finance Ltd was founded in the United States in 2012, today it is the largest privately held alternative finance lender in the US. 

Snap Finance Ltd (UK) was launched in July 2017 to provide point-of-sale finance to consumers who have been refused credit or are building up their credit score, through a network  of over one thousand retail partners across the UK.  

We are a rapidly growing FinTech company focused on digital disruption in the financial services industry. Our proprietary technology platform and machine-learning decisioning algorithms are changing the face and pace of consumer retail finance. Snap has a strong, supportive culture and is dedicated to its customers, retail partners, and team members. 

Our strategy focuses on relationships, service and expertise through which we aim to build great relations with our retailers that supports growth in both theirs and our businesses. 

We concentrate on the needs of retailers and consumers through the Snap point of sale finance programme which drives opportunities to add value and enhance our reputation as a specialist lender capable of supporting consumers in need.