Transitions UK was formed in October 2014 and born of a real frustration that the needs of our young people are not being properly addressed, let alone met.

Our founder and CEO, Ron Overton, shared his vision to change that and was encouraged by others to get the charity off the ground and tackle those issues.  

We are hugely concerned to address the needs of what has been called a lost generation of young people and we are also anxious about the next generation of young people if we don’t do so. We identified four groups who are least well provided for and most need support.

We believe in the value and effectiveness of people and relationships. We create opportunities for young people, with help, to work together to produce positive outcomes in ways that don’t happen otherwise. We want to achieve lifelong changes and benefits for the young people we support and we do that primarily though bringing people together within a mentoring and befriending framework that supports development and skills acquisition - and fulfils potential.

We run four formal projects- 

Achieve- Learning disabilities

Aspire- Knife crime and gang affiliation 

Attain- Care leavers

Affirm- Mental health 

On top of this in 2020 we have Launched a virtual project for anyone facing vulnerabilities all over the UK.