Laniwyn Services

Vulnerable individuals, either children or adults, are more susceptible to abuse or neglect. They are more likely to be ignored and/or excluded. Due to medical condition, age and abuse; they could be non-verbal or non-expressive hence not being able to effectively communicate to get the support they need.

Due to this Laniwyn Care Services becomes a bridge between where they are (undesirable place) to where they need to be (desirable place).

We are a domiciliary service that provides a person-centred support to vulnerable individuals in their homes; 24hrs a day, all year round. We recruit and train experienced carers that truly care and would place the need of the client first.

We employ the use of contemporary IT systems for monitoring and tracking the quality of our service.

We understand fulfilling potential is key, so our strategy in ensuring this is as follows:

  • We promote the Accessible Information Standard. This ensures that client information is effectively gathered and easily accessed by the right individuals
  • We promote Respect. This ensures our clients are listened to and things that are important to them are important to us.
  • We promote Equality. This ensures that the is zero tolerance for discrimination. Regardless of age, sex, sexuality, gender etc needs come first.
  • We promote Dignity. This ensures that our support is delivered in such a way that clients’ values are upheld and respected.
  • We promote Autonomy and Independency. This ensures that our clients can exercise their choice and control.
  • We promote fairness. This ensures that clients’ needs are gathered effectively with no compromise.