Frequently Asked Questions - Employer

What jobs are allowed on MK Jobs?

MK Jobs is for all direct jobs and training opportunities in the Milton Keynes region. Including but not limited to the following locations: 

Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Bletchley, Woburn, Ampthill, Newport Pagnel, Wolverton, Buckingham, Towcester & Silverstone. 


What are the costs to post our jobs on MK Jobs?

You can view all of our available packages here.


How does MK Jobs source job applicants?

MK Jobs is promoted to the following channels:


How do I receive my job applications?

There are 3 options to manage your applications:

  1. On MK Jobs you can go to and click on applications.
  2. Use the application email – On your vacancy, simply select an application email and CV’s will be sent directly to the email of your choice.
  3. URL apply – Receive applications through your own website or ATS.


How does the monthly 'Unlimited Jobs - Monthly Subscription' work?

With an Unlimited Jobs - Monthly Subscription you will be able to post as many jobs as you like whilst your subscription is active. You will be charged each month for the subscription. The subscription can be cancelled anytime.


What payment methods are accepted? 

You can currently pay for all the package options with:

  • A credit or debit card


My job is not displaying on Google Jobs?

If your job is not showing on Google, this will be down to your job location or salary. Google requires both a postcode and a salary range to display jobs on their search engine. (This applies to Google only)


How do I become a Featured Company?

Featured Companies on MK Jobs, are exclusively, sponsors of the MK Job Show .

Contact 01908 871450 or for further details.


How do I share our recruitment news to your social media and blog posts?

Employers that have purchased the 'Unlimited Jobs - 365 Days' package are welcome to send us recruitment content they would like shared on our social media pages and on our News Blog.

This could be company news, about a specific vacancy, a new careers website, career advice, open days, a career film or anything else employment related you would like promoted.

Send any text, images or films here -


If you need any assistance please call 01908 871 450