Supply Chain Operative

£20,400 yearly
  • Army
  • United Kingdom
  • 03 Nov, 2020
Full time Defence and Military

Job Description

The driving force behind the Royal Signals.

Food, weapons and equipment support is vital; without it the Royal Signals cannot operate. As a professional Supply Chain Operative, you will be responsible for the management of multi million pounds worth of communications equipment, equipment that directly supports the Royals Signals’ ability to deploy on operations worldwide. On operations, it will be your responsibility maintain stock, track equipment orders and to ensure the right equipment is in the right place to support commanders on the battlefield.

Your training is first rate and will qualify in Supply Chain Operations, Logistic Operations and Warehouse Operations, achieving levels of qualifications that match civilian industry. You will be given the opportunity to achieve master’s degree level qualifications in Logistic Operations and Management and recognition with professional industry bodies. As a Supply Chain Operative in the Royal Signals you will enjoy a diverse and rewarding career, it will provide you with first rate qualifications and potential to reach Warrant Officer Class1, the highest soldier rank in the Army.

This role was formerly known as a Communications Transport Specialist.


  • Operate Logistic Information Management Systems, ensuring equipment is recorded and legislated
  • Liaise with Commanders to discuss future equipment required to support taskings
  • Monitor quality, quantity, stock levels and distribution time frames and report findings to Chain of Command.
  • Organise shipments in and out of warehouse area, report default stock and losses findings to Chain of Command.
  • Comply with Unit’s Assurance Policies and track stock through the End to End process
  • Operate as a Royal Signals Soldier, conducting additional Military Tasks wherever UK Armed Forces are Deployed